Richard Kritzinger

Recruitment Consultant

Meet Richard Kritzinger: the Recruitment Consultant extraordinaire. With a track record in traffic management as the HR Coordinator for a well-known traffic management company, Richard has successfully navigated the chaotic streets of recruitment, steering through challenges with the finesse of a Formula 1 driver. He's not just a Recruitment Consultant, he's the GPS for finding the perfect candidates in the maze of job applications.

Hailing from the rainbow nation, Richard carries his South African spirit like a badge of honour. He's previously spread his wings across continents, making impactful contributions in both South Africa and the UK as a Consultant specialising in HR and Health & Safety......he's practically the James Bond of the employment world, tackling challenges with humour, wit, and a license to thrill... or rather, fill positions!

When he's not busy headhunting, you can catch him cheering for his favourite rugby team or perfecting the art of making biltong. Yes, you read that right-  not only does he have an eagle eye for talent, but he's also a connoisseur of cured meat. Move over, traffic management; Richard might just be the world's first Biltongologist!

VAT Number: 431099115

Trade (SIC): 78109

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