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Welcome to Vocation Recruitment, your trusted partner for Traffic Management labour solutions nationwide.

Vocation Recruitment Ltd is closely associated with its sister company Vocation Training Ltd, an Ofsted rated Good training provider which has been delivering government-funded traffic management training to unemployed individuals in the West Midlands for the past five years. Annually, Vocation Training trains over 250 West Midlands residents per year with TTMBC and T1/T2 certifications, with over half of them expressing a keen interest in pursuing careers within the Traffic Management agency sector. 

In response to the growing demand for agency positions, the Co-Owners of Vocation Training, Helen Madden and Lewis Erskine, drawing upon their extensive industry and agency expertise, established Vocation Recruitment in January 2023. 

Vocation Recruitment's primary mission is to expedite the integration of T1/T2 Trainees who typically enter the industry through alternative agencies, ensuring a seamless and consistent transition.

To date, Vocation Recruitment boasts an impressive roster of 100+ Registered Operatives hailing from the West Midlands. These dedicated professionals are willing to travel  to your depots and work sites across the UK and they come equipped with compliant PPE. 

Our accomplished Operatives have undergone a rigorous selection process. 

They have:

  • Passed drug and alcohol tests before commencing their training
  • Full eligibility to work, with up-to-date DVLA checks
  • Completed comprehensive Traffic Management training
  • Immediate availability of relevant qualifications, Lantra Cards, and white slips
  • Certification in TTMBC & T1/T2 and, in some cases Banksman & Occupational Health
  • Proven punctuality and attendance, indicating their job readiness 

Vocation Recruitment stands ready to meet your labour requirements in Area 9 and across the UK, offering an array of skilled Operatives with valid certification including TTMBC, T1/T2, Banksman, M1/M2/M3/M5/M6, 12AB One-day, and 12B tickets.

We offer a bespoke recruitment model, to assist any company with recruitment needs, click here to see more about this

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VAT Number: 431099115

Trade (SIC): 78109

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