Gemma Walsh

Business Development Manager

If you're on the lookout for a tenacious Business Development Manager who can smoothly navigate the lanes of corporate advancement, orchestrating partnerships with finesse – Gemma Walsh is your go-to gal! With a career spanning two decades, Gemma has conquered the realms of employment advising, career development, and employment engagement. Her journey began  in the bustling Construction industry, where she wielded her organisational skills like a traffic marshal directing a seamless flow through a busy urban dual carriageway.

With a flair for stakeholder management, community engagement, and relationship building, Gemma weaves success stories like a seasoned traffic management operative ensuring a congestion-free commute. 

Gemma isn't one to shy away from uncharted territories. After conquering construction recruitment, working as a Career Development Manager, and serving as an Employment Advisor in Welfare-to-Work, she's brought her talents to the fast-paced world of traffic management at Vocation Recruitment, ensuring smooth transitions and green lights for success. Who knew traffic management could be this exhilarating?

At the end of the working day, Gemma swaps the PPE, meeting rooms, and traffic management depots for the dance floor. Known for her disco prowess, she can bust moves that make John Travolta look like a learner driver. Gemma's not just a Traffic Management professional; she's the disco queen, turning site gatherings into dance-offs and networking events into traffic-a-thons.

At Vocation Recruitment, we don't just find talent; we've got Gemma, the traffic management dynamo who can make your company's career journey a smooth ride to success! 

VAT Number: 431099115

Trade (SIC): 78109

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